May 2-May 8, 2019

Weekly Analysis of the Leading Blockchain Networks

Weekly Trends and Highlights

  • Binance Loses $40.7 Million To Hackers
  • Bitcoin Fees and Transactioon Volumes Continue To Rise
  • Fidelity To Begin Institutional Bitcoin Trading
  • MakerDAO Developing Tech To Enable Stablecoin Dai To Be Backed By Any Crypto Asset
  • Washington State Law Recognized Blockchain Records As Legally Valid
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376.45 +15.81 (+4.38%)

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Land Layby

Land Layby has set out to establish a public, immutable distributed ledger for land ownership in developing countries. Their goal is to bring full transparency to the process of buying land in Kenya, Africa and other developing countries. Since the earliest implementation of decentralized ledgers, registering land ownership has been[...]