Abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. A fund raising event, similar to an IPO, used by Crypto projects to raise capital to launch a new DApp or service. Coins/tokens are sold to the public in exchange for another currency.

  • Illiquidity

    The measure of how difficult it is for an asset can be purchased or sold without causing a drastic change in its price. An asset is illiquid when it cannot be easily bought or sold due to a lack of buyers or sellers in a market.

  • Immutable Ledger

    A record that cannot be changed. Immutability is an essential aspect of a blockchain. It allows users to trust that the data recorded in the blockchain cannot be altered.

  • Inflation

    Inflation is the measure of the overall growth in the money supply minus the growth in the total value of goods and services in an economy, or network.

  • Invisible Internet Project (I2P)

    An anonymous network layer that allows for censorship-resistant, peer to peer communication. 2P is an anonymizing network that focuses on secure internal connections between users.

  • IoT

    Abbreviation for Internet of Things. The system of interrelated computing devices and digital machines that can transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. Potential solutions for managing the transfer of value and information on these networks involve creating blockchains for IoT.

  • IP Address

    Internet Protocol Address. A series of numbers and periods used to identify computers communicating through a network.

  • IPO

    Abbreviation for Initial Public Offering. A fund raising event used by companies to raise capital. With an IPO, a company can sell shares to investors on public markets.