• Encryption

    The process of transforming data into unrecognizable code that can only be decoded with the exact decryption key.

  • ERC20

    The predominant technical standard used for for token implementation and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Others include ERC721 and ERC888.

  • ETF

    Abbreviation for exchange traded fund. An ETF is a group of assets that can be bought or sold as a single asset. They allow investors to diversify and gain exposure to a a group of assets in an efficient way.

  • Ether (ETH)

    The native cryptocurrency generated by the Ethereum platform and used to compensate mining nodes for performing computations. ETH is required in order to send transactions or execute smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

    A testing environment on the Ethereum network that developers use to execute smart contracts and create DApps.

  • Exchange

    Inline platforms on which individuals can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.