What problem does this service solve?

Insolar hopes to create an enterprise blockchain that will be more scalable and easier to use than current platforms.DragonChain is a BaaS service that makes it easier to develop blockchain applications.

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Company Description

Insolar is a blockchain technology company that is developing an open source enterprise-grade blockchain platform. Their goal is to allow companies to transition their existing business processes, and data systems, to an enterprise blockchain that will create efficiencies and new revenue sources. Insolar also provides blockchain consulting services for companies in need of distributed ledger solutions. The company was originally focused on using blockchain to improve supply chains and logistics in the grocery industry, but they have since expanded their scope. Their network is currently powered by the Ethereum-based INS token.

Dragonchain is a blockchain platform developed by Disney. It was originally called the Disney Private Blockchain Platform. In 2016, Disney made the project open-source and shifted control of it to the Dragonchain Foundation.
It has a hybrid architecture that combines private and public blockchain elements. It's designed to make it easier for enterprises to develop smart contract powered DApps. They aim to facilitate business integration into blockchain.