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TenX is working to make it easier to spend virtual currencies.

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TenX is a cryptocurrency payment platform that acts as a bank in many ways. It provides users with a physical debit card, bank account, wallet, ATM access, and other crytpo payment tools. Their goal is to introduce payment tools that will make it much easier to use crytpocurrencies in the real world. TenX is built on the Comit Network, which acts as a payments platform whose goal is to operate without fees. Users can access the TenX platform via the TenX wallet that can be downloaded to their smartphones. It supports multiple blockchains and currencies. The security features are based on smart contracts and the settings can be adjusted. With the TexX wallet, users can make payments on the Comit Network, which is a transaction network that is cryptographically secured and is located off of the blockchains that support the digital currencies. TenX is powered by the PAY token, that was released in an ICO that raised $51 million.


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