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Humaniq is building a blockchain-based banking platform to serve people in emerging markets that have previously not had access to banks.

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Humaniq is an innovative blockchain based financial services company, with its own cryptocurrency, whose aim is to combat poverty in emerging markets. Humaniq wants to provide greater access to financial services to the masses of people that are unbanked and are excluded from global economy. There are over one billion people that do not have access to traditional banks. Humaniq allows these users to open an account with only a smart phone and basic internet. Their platform has a simple and intuitive interface that requires minimal reading. Users are verified through facial and voice recognition, eliminating the need for formal documentation. Humaniq encourages third party integrations and enables projects to offer their services to an expanded audience that was previously nor reachable. Humaniq also operates an independent fund and accelerator to support projects designed to help the unbanked.
The network is powered by the HMQ token, that allows holders to become co-owners of a decentralized bank.

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